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What's all this?

Watchin' Weight is a fun, lighthearted, honest podcast hosted by a married couple who have been following the Weight Watchers program since August 2017.

You'll hear their ups, their downs and their inspiration while they navigate weight loss, healthy lifestyles, exercise and more.

There are lots of laughs along the way, because life is funny.

Feel like you're going it alone?

We're here for you. We know what it's like to struggle along the way, and we've found ways to help navigate through challenges.

Whether your a Meetings Member, or Online only, we're in your corner to do deep-dives into the Weekly topic and how it affects us, as well as sharing recipes and hacks!

Oh. And our favorite gadgets.

Seriously, get an Air Fryer!

(Visit our Favorite Tools page for more details.)

Are you experts?


We don't work for Weight Watchers, and we're not doctors. We're just two people following the program and sharing our experiences.


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