About Us

Tab & Greg

We are a husband and wife team who decided to get fit together, and record our ups and downs to share the experience with other people who are undertaking the same journey.

We are using the Weight Watchers Freestyle program, but are not affiliated with Weight Watchers in any way. All opinions are our own.

Greg Komorowski


Greg is a proud Canadian, hailing from the city of Toronto. An actor, improvisor, writer and host (check out Chef In Your Ear on Food Network Canada) he’s had a love affair with food since birth, when he imploded a formula bottle from drinking it down so hard.

Hailing from a Polish heritage he was brought up with the notion that food equals love. This fact, coupled with the unfortunate truth that fat and sugar are more addictive than most narcotics, made for a very chubby childhood. 

Greg’s breaking point came when at 16 he stood on the scale and noticed he was 299 pounds. His first thought was, “I could eat four quarter pounders and hit 300”. Luckily, he went the other way.

Greg began working out and trying to eat right. His lowest adult weight in university was 205 but he was never able to break 200.

Oh, and he was a fairly frequent smoker too. Gross right?

Greg met Tabetha in 2003 and married her in 2008. They shared many adventures together travelling the world for work and experiencing culinary delights.

Greg quit smoking in 2009 and decided to dedicate his 30s to healthy living.

In 2012 Greg and Tabetha ran their first half-marathon (The Princess Half Marathon in Disney World) and then Greg ran his first Goofy the following year (a half marathon on Saturday and full marathon on Sunday). 

Tab has since surpassed Greg in running achievements but inspired him so much with her tenacity to stay fit that he decided to follow her (with kind words of encouragement from his sister) on a Weight Watchers journey beginning in August of 2017. 

Fast forward to today where Greg not only broke 200 pounds but is close to getting under 190 for the first time in his adult life. Thanks to the love of his family, staying focused on staying positive and of course, following the plan!

He hopes you enjoy his story and this podcast. 

Thanks for reading and listening!

Tabetha Wells


If pressed to describe herself, Tabetha would use words like, “actor, writer, director, improviser, runner”, but the order of those words would depend on the day.

When it comes to her weight-loss journey, it probably sounds pretty familiar. She was a slim kid, until she got a car and her daily lunch-hour turned into a trip to Dairy Queen with her friends. After a sedentary desk job, the "grown-up" weight came piling on.  She had few different runs at Weight Watchers (one where she actually got to goal), some renegade attempts at “doing it on her own” (myfitnesspal, amirite?) and a lot of running over the years.

A *lot* of running. Like, whoa. 

Space Coast Marathon? Check. Walt Disney World Marathon? Check, check. Chicago Marathon? Check, check. That’s 5 marathons in 4 years. Plus countless half marathons, 10K and 5K races to boot. That’s not a humble-brag. That’s a surprising statistic considering she really didn’t lose any significant weight during that time.

As a matter of fact, her weight went up and down - but more up than down. Boo, right?

In August 2017, it was simply enough. Tabetha decided to get back on board with Weight Watchers and make a commitment to her own health and well-being. She was surprised and delighted when her husband, Greg, agreed to join her, and they’ve been helping each other reach new successes and exciting milestones since day one.

She’s so thrilled and grateful that you’re joining her and Greg on this journey, and hopes that you enjoy the podcast.