Recommendations to Watch For

Air Fryer

It's one of our essentials. We use ours almost every single day to cook everything from vegetables, fish, hot dogs and more.

We've recommended this item to anyone who will listen. If you see one go on sale, snap it up!

Instant Pot

This gadget is especially helpful in those moments when you realize you forgot to defrost those chicken breasts you wanted to have for dinner. There are entire Facebook pages devoted to folks on Weight Watchers who swear by their Instant Pots, so join in the recipe-swapping fun!

Kitchen Scale

We have found accuracy and accountability to be some of the most valuable tools we've used on plan.

Accuracy can be helped by using a kitchen scale to make sure those portion sizes are on point!

Waffle Maker

Get yourself a box of high-protein waffle mix, and resurrect the art of BRUNCH! Whether you pile on fruit and whipped cream, or "fried" chicken from your air fryer and sugar-free syrup, waffles are always worth your time.

A Free Month of Prime

What are you even doing? Try Prime for a month for FREE!! Get yer deals!

Fitbit or other Tracker

Sometimes it helps to have a little fitness coach on your wrist, reminding you to keep moving, increase your activity and reward you for a job well done.

There are loads of ways to track your steps out there, so really you just need to pick the one that fits your lifestyle and budget!

Tools We Use

Here's where you'll find some of the items and tools we mention on our podcast. This page contains affiliate links, so know that by using these links you're helping to support the cost of running Watchin' Weight with Tab & Greg - and we're eternally grateful!

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